Interstellar travel will most likely be slow

When interstellar travel and colonization of the rest of the galaxy is brought up, the common questions involve whether it’s feasible to go really fast. But why does interstellar travel need to be fast? The obvious answer is that people won’t like being in the ship and will be eager to get the trip over with as soon as possible and start their lives in another solar system. There are many problems with trying to go fast, you need a lot of energy, stuff hits your craft at relativistic speeds, ect. So people say, maybe we could go slow but not have humans have to deal with living in the craft for a long time, through cryonics or sending embryos and having robots raise the children to adulthood. Another method of solving the problem is to simply make your ship a comfortable place to live. Make it like being on a cruise ship. Of course many would still say “no way, I’d never want to be cooped up in such a small place for that long even if it’s a pleasant place to spend a few weeks” but they wouldn’t be the ones who’d volunteer for the mission.

Which of these four options seems to you to be conceptually the easiest to achieve? Thus, which should strike you as the most likely, even considering unpredictable technological advances in the future?

One thought on “Interstellar travel will most likely be slow

  1. BroncoColorado

    If the White race doesn’t wake up soon and start winning the counterattacks we need in order just to survive, there won’t be any interstellar travel…. slow or warp-drive!


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