Adventures in Warmville

An idea was recently floated on Slate Star Codex:

If sea levels rose by ten feet, could New York City adapt by waterproofing the first floors of all its buildings, turning its streets into canals, and replacing cars with boats?

Assume the city decides not to build dikes, and that most of the existing buildings must be kept and somehow altered to survive under the new conditions.

Someone should write a comic book graphic novel about the subject. Since it would still be New York City, the boats would all be equipped with horns, and you’d hear a generous helping of “get your f****** a*** out the way….” But it would be even harder to park your boat, as underground garages would be flooded. Central park would lose its purpose, so they’d build over it, or perhaps turn it into a giant parking lot for boats.

Other areas to explore: there’s still a premium for formerly beachfront property, but instead of the beach, your house would be facing a giant levee, and you get to climb up and sunbathe on the levee.

It will be made even funnier by the fact that many readers won’t get the joke.

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