In the past it was believed that there was something magical about Royal blood. There was a bit of selection here and there, duller royals may have gotten killed off, but the same moderate selection happened to the peasants. In fact, as an ethnic group royals should have enjoyed relaxed selection.

One could imagine that the Royals, once freed from endogamy, could have become “cognitively elite” through selectively mating with very smart, very capable commoners. You sometimes hear it alleged that billionaires are doing this, becoming a kid of “cognitive elite.” There’s little sign of it. You can imagine a world in which the CEOs raid the physics departments looking for the smartest women so their kids would be super-smart, but in the real world they just seek out women who look good and are reasonably intelligent and successful.(College degree and no visible tattoos) Rich movie stars, musicians, and those with inherited wealth don’t seem to care about intelligence in their partners at all.

Despite their non-magical origin, the English prohibition on divorce has functioned as a kind of eugenic selection mechanism for its royal family. Divorce correlates with all kinds of social maladies, and its prohibition provided a floor, albeit not very high, that kept certain characters out of the royal bloodline. Wallis Simpson could not join, Edward VIII who insisted on marrying her had to go. When Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, wanted to marry the divorced Peter Townsend, the church refused to marry them and she broke off the relationship. Had it not had this prohibition, Britain would have to suffer several decades of the moron Edward VIII before the throne passed to the irreproachable current Queen. And had they continued the prohibition, Charles, with his homeopathic medicines and other associated stupidity, would have been excluded due to his divorce. But Britain grew out of that and now the Royal family, the uber elite among the uber elite, are just an average family, with your typical average family dramas. A year and a half ago I predicted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would wind up divorced, and so far I think they are well on their way to that destination.

What’s the solution? Britain’s not going to go back to the old situation. But it could get rid of the monarchy after the Queen dies. The British right should lead the charge. I’m afraid though that they are too spineless to do so.

5 thoughts on “Blue-Bloods

  1. Anonymous

    This is pretty cringe. “Hey, why don’t you get rid of a core part of your national identity because myself and some other neoliberal spergs correlated some statistics together and determined you’re insufficiently eugenical.” Who’s going to fight and die for that?


    1. DTIC

      If monarchy’s a “core part” of Britain’s national identity then that’s just evidence it’s become a fake and gay country. British nationalists should listen a bit more to “neoliberal spergs” and a bit less to these codgers who go “when I was your age we did it this way, we can’t do it that way any more, no no, anyway, where’s my tea and god save the queen.”(I’m not British so maybe I’m butchering what a British conservative boomer sounds like. But you get the picture.) Besides, much of what seems like “neoliberal sperginess” is just rediscovering ancient truths discarded by our 60s generation. The delivery may grate on you but is necessary to convert the youth of today.


  2. Eissink

    We have a similar situation here in the Netherlands. The PVV is at least based enough to call for stripping the monarchy of its political power.


  3. Turkish-Islamic Synthesis

    I’m amazed at what a strongly interacting massive particle Prince Harry is. Makes you wonder if maybe the Hindus have a certain insight into human nature us westerners lack.


    1. Heterodox

      When I was a teenager, I wondered why fertility rates were so low.

      Now, seeing the adult world up close and personal, I wonder why fertility rates are so high.


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