Andrew Yang on the Purpose of Regulation

Andrew Yang, flush with cash as a result of a campaign with a high ratio of dedicated activists to actual supporters, hired a bunch of professional campaign consultants. Ever since that time, the IQ of the Andrew Yang Twitter account fell by around 15 points. You still see the occasional smart comment, but now mixed with a lot of platitudes. Here’s a particularly jarring comment.

He doesn’t go into specifics in terms of what regulations should be relaxed on small farms but retained for large ones. Consumer protection? Working conditions? Anti-pollution? I don’t think Yang or whoever is writing his Tweets thought about the specifics. It’s all about signaling alignment. The regulations he wants to keep for large corporate farms aren’t really about protecting the workers or the consumers or the environment or whatever the stated justification for the regulations are; they’re about showing his opposition to big corporations. That driving up production costs for no reason will lead to higher prices for consumers in addition to lower profits for producers does not occur to most of his audience. If it occurs to him, he isn’t concerned about it because what really matters is successfully signaling alignment to that not-very-smart audience.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Yang on the Purpose of Regulation

  1. OOO

    The profile picture is pretty cringe. We’re not electing your wife, there’s no reaspn for her to be in the picture. Reminds me of those guys for whom their every tenth word is “muh girlfriend.” We get it, you found a woman to breed with. Big effing deal. And the smile, he looks like he should be in a broschure for a “science is fun” exhibit, not trying to be the commander in chief.


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