PSA: Don’t Be Ned Flanders and Don’t Work For Trump

Lower-class Americans face far higher marginal tax rates than wealthier Americans when you consider loss of benefits. In addition to these clear economic disincentives, they also face social disincentives. If a poor family raises one responsible child and two ner-do-wells, guess who has to take care of the parents when they’re old?

The farther up the income ladder you get, the fewer disincentives you see, but you still find them among upper-middle-class. Did you make more in 2019 than in 2018? Did you act responsibly and file your taxes early? Well, you could get screwed because the cutoff for benefits under the Free Money Act of 2020 will distribute funds based on 2019 if you’ve filed, 2018 if you haven’t. So don’t do so until July 15. Even your income wasn’t between those cutoff points, it could matter for future aid.

Is there anyone in Congress thinking “hey, let’s consider if the act we’re about to pass is going to screw over responsible people for no reason?” Probably not.

Further PSA from that link: don’t work for Trump. When I gave this advice last year I was thinking of those in his administration or who are personally reporting to him, but now I extend that even to the lady who cleans the rooms at Trump Hotels. All his businesses are barred from receiving aid. Trump did this (stupid) bailout to protect everyone’s job … but not those of the people who made the mistake of working for him. That’s the kind of loyalty you can expect from the man.

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