Corona: A Disease of the Heart

I’ve always been an anti-consumerist, believing that people spend too much and save too little and that their spending habits are irrational. I’m not one of those people who say that “money can’t buy happiness.” What I like to say is that money, when used wisely, can buy you freedom. Freedom, when used wisely, can grant you happiness. This is why it’s necessary to not waste one’s money on consumeristic status games. Think about why many people are deeply unhappy. The answer is very often a job they hate, a commute that’s too long, a relationship they don’t want to be in,* or a geographic area they hate living in. These are situations you can buy your way out of, but not if you wasted all your money on the consumeristic zero-sum status game.

The corona crisis should be vindication to anti-consumerists. Normies should be thinking, ‘hey, maybe if I’d had some savings, I’d be able to ride this out.’ I don’t think many of them are, instead, the default reaction seems to be that the only solution is the government sending everyone checks funded by wealth which magically sprouted into existence somewhere. But anti-consumerists should be able to subtly imply, “hey, you don’t have that money yet because the government’s too incompetent to deliver it? Not a problem for me!”

But some anti-consumerists aren’t able to do that. Instead, they are emitting a very high-pitched whine. “Oh noes, I can’t take that trip to Florida until next year. Oh noes, I face inconvenience in acquiring my favorite double-decker obesity sandwich. Oh noes, I can’t trade in my car for the latest model because the car dealership is shut down. Oh noes, I can’t go buy the latest gadget at the Apple store, then I looked on and I have to wait two weeks for shipping.” Even if you lost your job, unless you’re very young, you should not be at risk of imminent bankruptcy. Savings and unemployment should be enough. If it isn’t, it means you haven’t been practicing the anti-consumerist message you preach. If you want to complain about the social isolation this is causing, that’s another matter.

It’s particularly jarring to see right-wing anti-consumerists suddenly starting to sound like the liberals they’ve long attacked, proclaiming that social problems are caused by lack of money. That we’re going to see a massive increase in out-of-wedlock birth, divorce, substance abuse, criminality, etc., since the GDP is contracting. I guess the Left was right all along, we can eliminate all these issues by just throwing money at them.

Chiang Kai-Shek sad that “Communism is a disease of the heart, the Japanese are but a disease of the skin.” History proved him right, for far more died under the communists in peacetime than under the Japanese during the war. Donald Trump is a disease of the heart. All of his achievements will be reversed as soon as a Democrat takes office. The only exception will be supreme court justices, the same justices who would have been delivered by Jeb Bush, cheered by the very same people who mocked Jeb and loudly yelled they would never vote for him. They will last a generation. You know what else will last a generation, and maybe longer? The damage to the Right’s credibility as a result of this and many other examples of hypocrisy caused by the need to defend this bozo. Donald Trump is our destruction. He needs to be stripped of the Republican nomination.

*Of course, I do recognize a moral obligation to maintain the commitment if you freely choose to make it. But sometimes there was never any commitment. Other times the commitment did exist at one time but neither partner wants to maintain it and if there are no kids involved, I see no reason to do so.

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