Corona: Mondofreakonomics

Observation: the more ‘elite’ your lifestyle is, the more it’s been inconvenienced by the corona lockdowns. The more hoi polloi it is, the less it’s inconvenienced by the corona lockdowns. Think about it. You can’t go see a broadway musical, you can still watch TV. You can’t go to the microbrewery, you can still get your 30-pack of beer and drink at home. You can’t go to your fancy sit-down restaurant, you’d have to get take out, but you can still go through the drive-through and get your McDonalds just as you could six months ago. You can’t discuss your ideas at conferences, you can still post to blogs and comment sections. If you get exercise by jogging, bike riding, or lifting milk jugs filled with sand in your garage, you’re not inconvenienced much at all. If you get exercise at your high-end gym or go skiing or snowboarding, you’re out of luck.

Similarly, the closer you are to traditional American family values, the less you’ve been inconvenienced. Think about it: if you’re married or in a stable long-term relationship, there’s no inconvenience. If you want to have a string of short term relationships, well, you’re screwed. (Or not, if you catch my drift.) Or look at the problems with child care now that the schools are shuttered: some families don’t have to face them. If you’ve counted on the state to do 100% of the work to educate your children, well, how much are children learning now? From what I’ve heard the answer is: very little. Children have suddenly forgotten how to use the internet.

None of this is to say that the hoi polloi should be happy with the lockdowns. But it is ironic (though not surprising considering their level of intelligence) that so much of the tinfoil hat crowd insists on seeing the lockdowns as something “the elites” are doing to “the people.” The problem with tinfoil hat people is not suspicion of the elites per se but their inability to see the fact that the elites are humans too, with their own wants, hopes, dreams, desires to signal to their associates, etc. What would “the elites” get out of the lockdowns? They aren’t suffering unemployment, but they’re the ones losing money in the stock market. The only thing I’ve heard is that they want to use the lockdowns to undermine Blompf. You ask these people what is Blompf doing to “fight them” and they point to a bunch of mean words he’s said. Are the intelligent elites really willing to lose 25% of their wealth in order to stop a bunch of mean words not backed up by any action from emanating from the White House? No.


None of this is a coincidence, but is a result of the SWPL need to complicate everything, add more moving parts that can break down in a pandemic. Prole tastes are cheap and functional.

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