Quitser: The Simple Solution to Labor Hoarding

You know the situation where boy and girl both like each other, but neither is willing to ask the other out due to fear of rejection? The standard solution is a third party automated system where both tell the system what they want and the system alerts them if there is a match. I suggest a similar dilemma is faced by employers and employees. With unemployment benefits beefed up, some employees would rather be laid off and collect unemployment. But they don’t want to say this, fearing they’ll look lazy. And some employers would rather lay off their employees than keep paying them but don’t want to look uncaring or disloyal.

The solution? My new app called Quitser. In Quitser, an employee can input his current wage, benefits, tax info, state, etc. He then sees an estimate of how much he’d get in unemployment benefits. If he likes what he sees, he can tell the app he’d be willing to be laid off. Employers use the app to specify which employees they’d like to lay off. If both want to do it, the app “matches” them.

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