Corona: Updating my priors about religion

For a while, it seemed like most of the particularly damaging science denialism was coming from the far-Left, animated by opposition to corporations and the naturalistic fallacy. The anti-GMO and anti-vax stuff started there, but the anti-vax stuff has lately been moving over to Evangelical Christians. Case in point were some morons in Texas:


Hasidic Judaism has also displayed its share of moronic behavior during the pandemic:

I’m not sure what’s up with the Hasidic Jews, perhaps the explanation is as simple as the fact that they don’t pay attention to and don’t trust the world outside their sect. That has its benefits; one of the reasons I can’t go full euphoric atheist is because these religious subcultures are in some ways healthier than secular society. Nevertheless, I’m updating my priors in the direction of a slightly more euphoric atheist viewpoint.

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