Corona: My Liberty Restoration Plan

I propose a bill to restore liberty to those who think their liberty has been violated by the lockdowns. It will do two things:

First, it will establish a set of symbols people can wear as badges. I’m thinking of three symbols, one for the immune, one for those working from home or not working and who live alone or with others who work from home or don’t work, and one for those working outside the home or living with someone working outside the home and who follow all social distancing regulations. It will be illegal to use the badges falsely or otherwise claim that you’re part of a group you aren’t part of.(e.g. “I’m immune but forgot my badge.”) This is no violation of liberty: there is no right to impersonate a police officer or infringe someone else’s copyright.

Second, individuals who want to be exempt from social distancing regulations will have the option to register and become exempt. You could do it online, with a name, SSN, and webcam video, or at your local police station. Once you do so, you can wear none of the badges. You gain your liberty back; in exchange, you must recognize everyone else’s liberty with respect to your behavior. So that means if a business considers you a danger to their customers, they have the right to exclude from their premises. If you object to the government confining you to your home, how can you demand the government forcibly open the doors of someone’s business to you? If they don’t want to hire you, don’t want to serve you, want to segregate you within, or restrict you to special hours, you’ll respect their right to do so. Likewise, the medical system will have the right to move you to the back of the line for any medical treatment. The insurance companies will be allowed to announce that they will not cover corona treatment for anyone who signs up to be exempt. (Now, if they say they will cover corona treatment and don’t do it, that’s still fraud.) Medicare/medicaid can refuse to pay for corona treatment as well. You may say it’s a violation of liberty to tax you and deny you the benefits of those taxes. Is it also a violation of liberty to deny welfare to drug users? I don’t see it that way, I see it as the government commonsensically directing aid to those who didn’t make choices that caused them to need the aid.

If you regret your decision there could be an “enhanced quarantine” procedure you can go through, say, 14 days completely alone, after which you can wear the badges again. And, of course, if you get it and become immune you can wear that badge.

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