Corona: Carbon Dating

Reading Rationality: From AI to Zombies, there are many chapters that criticize religion. They appear very dated, the reader knows it was written before 2014, probably before 2010. Because the criticism of religion is presented by itself. If it were written today, it would be either:

  1. Here’s why we should give up on religion and this would free us to achieve social justice.
  2. Here’s why we should give up on religion, but let’s make sure we don’t replace it with SJW stuff, which is just another form of irrationalism.

The reason for this is because the comments section often demanded it. If someone presented a vanilla critique of religion, they’d get some saying “and then embrace social justice, right? Because otherwise what’s the point,” and others saying “you don’t support that SJW stuff, right? Because I don’t see the point in knocking down one form of irrationalism only to erect another in its place.” People did say “let’s just cool down a bit, we’re all on the same side, let’s focus our ire on our common adversary.” It didn’t work because, fundamentally, they were not on the same side.

I see something similar happening now. There’s no way to quantify this prediction, so it’s not an ‘official’ prediction in my list, but I think that the criticism of social justice warriors or multiculturalism or even feminism by itself will appear very dated to people in 2028. They will see it and they will say “this was written before corona.” In the Corona Era, you will be forced to pick a side. Do you deny corona or not? You’re gonna have people saying “cool down, we’re all on the same side, let’s focus our ire on our common adversary.” No, we’re not on the same side. Corona deniers are either stupid or they are evil. Even after the corona vaccine, we’re gonna remember who was denying it. We’re gonna worry that the next time society faces a black swan, these morons are going to be out there telling people it’s a hoax by the pharmaceutical industry which started painting the swans black.

I don’t want to partake in the dumb internet callout ritual, so I won’t name names, but there are many people who market themselves as being the one who calls a spade a spade. A good proportion are not doing their jobs.

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