Variolation and Sportsball

Sportsball is very important to a lot of dumb proles, to the extent that their day will be ruined if their favorite team loses. It’s got to be a factor in all these demands for re-opening. Sports is the “opiate of the masses” which distracts the proles from political activism. People say that like it’s a bad thing, but I think it’s good. Does anyone think we need more opinions on coronavirus from people who haven’t done any math since they failed high school algebra? I’m no fan of the nrx larpers, but I do think it’s insanity to encourage people who don’t want to pay attention to politics to do so.

So I propose that as part of a general variolation program, all athletes are offered the opportunity to be infected, recover, and then can play in empty stadiums for the rest of the pandemic. That way the dumb proles might spend less time on Facebook demanding everything be reopened.

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