I may need a new host

One of my largest sources of traffic has been the Unz Review, but WordPress is now telling me I’ve gotten no referrals from UR, ever. The same thing happened to Lion of the Blogosphere. This has no real negative effect on me but may presage an increase in censoriousness.

In general, WordPress.com is the home of higher-IQ content than Faceberg, Twatter, or other forms of social media, so there’s not as much demand from low-IQ woke Twitter to have it shut things down. In addition, the name confuses people into thinking it’s run by the non-profit WordPress Foundation, which would act to dissuade mob demands as non-profit organizations have a greater ability to say “FU.” The for-profit internet is not working for us, but rest assured that the traitor-in-chief is on it, acting to protect Silly Con Valley from Chinese competition even as he whines about being censored.

[EDIT 8/18/2020: The referrals from Unz now show up.]

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