Clevons Marching On the Linguistic Treadmill

As the Right increasingly abandons the White middle class for the Clevons, the vestiges of the old ideology hang on, with the incoming denizens too stupid to see the incongruity between ideological foundations and the policies being demanded. Case in point is the “Center for American Liberty,” some kind of Right-wing group that is suing the state of California:

Nine California parents are suing the state over a plan announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom last week that would keep most schools closed for the beginning of the coming school year.


Dhillon and her nonprofit group Center for American Liberty have also challenged a number of Newsom’s early pandemic restrictions on churches, beaches, protests and other measures.

“I frankly thought we were reaching the end of having to litigate these issues in the courts,” she said.

But the San Francisco attorney and Republican Party official argues her group’s litigation strategy has worked.

“In response to our lawsuits, the Governor of California and the state have, in some cases worked with us, [and] in other cases, unilaterally gone and changed their orders” on churches, protests and certain businesses, Dhillon said.

The lawsuit argues distance learning adversely affects racial minorities, lower-income families, and special needs children.

Christine Ruiz says services for her severely autistic son, including speech and occupational therapy, ended abruptly when schools closed. Her son, identified by his initials, Z.R., is also listed as a plaintiff in the suit.

“Regression in special education students is dangerous and profound when their services are cut off,” Ruiz said, adding that her family has begun paying for private services in the meantime.

When conservatives and libertarians have talked about “liberty,” traditionally they have been referring to negative liberty, the right to be left alone. Those challenging the restrictions on churches, protests, and certain businesses are fighting for negative liberty. In contrast, the demand for schools to be opened is a demand for positive liberty, the right to have something provided by the government. While this is the Left’s conception of liberty, it is jarring to see it coming from an allegedly Right-wing group. But it’s hardly without precedent. The whole word “liberalism” made this same transition long ago, such that it seems no contradiction to hear someone identify as both a liberal and a socialist.

I think for most of the donors to and employees at the “Center for American Liberty,” there is no contradiction. They were raised in the public schools, where the Left’s conception of liberty is what is taught. Liberty means getting what you want. If you want to be left alone, your liberty is violated if they don’t leave you alone. And if you want them to give you something, your liberty is violated if they refuse to give it to you. It’s a juvenile ideology for an increasingly dysfunctional, low-IQ group. To those at the “Center for American Liberty,” there is no contradiction in opposing “socialism,” since they see socialism as the government giving you what you don’t want.

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