The Right’s Most Significant Strategic Miscalculation

Is the following logic:

  1. The only reason people would dislike the cops is because they subscribe to woke ideology.
  2. Woke ideology is unpopular.(See Liz Warren’s poor performance in the Democratic primary as the candidate of woke vocabulary.)
  3. The few that subscribe to it would never vote for Trump anyway.
  4. Therefore, Trump portraying himself as the pro-cop candidate cannot hurt him.

The problem is that statement 1 is jus not correct. A large fraction of the country hates the cops for reasons that are totally orthogonal to what the media is blathering about at the moment. If you struggle to understand why, just think back to when you were 7 years old. Think back to the other 7 year olds. The bulk of them didn’t like the “tattle-tales.” If you were one of them, you probably grew out of it, but many people never did. Cops are killjoys.

I’m not saying that Republicans shouldn’t take action against the 99.999999999% peaceful protests. Rather, I want much more than all-talk-no-action Trump did. But that I have sympathy for the victims doesn’t mean I must see my preferred policy as a guaranteed political winner. I think in the long term, it probably will be. People will get sick of the 99.999999999% peaceful protests, just as they got sick of the last experiment. But in 2020, it won’t be enough to counteract Trump’s manifest failures in building the wall, deporting the illegals, and combatting coronavirus.

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