When groups bang themselves on the head with a hammer, it results in a (relative) benefit for those which don’t do so. America derived a (relative) benefit from China, India, and Eastern Europe’s collective banging on the head with a hammer. When they ceased to do so, a lot of American manufacturers went out of business.

For the last few generations, the Democrats have favored more regulation of housing, like everything else. Basic economics tells you that when you restrict the supply of something, the price increases, and the result was a mass migration away from much of blue America:

us internal migration

What if they ceased doing so? Ygelsias explores the question in a recent article. What if furthermore some Republicans decide that since the Democrats have put down the hammer, they should pick it up? See this article by Paul Kersey for an example. The comment section shows some rather astonishing stupidity, with several commenters calling it “communism” that property owners would have the right to build duplexes on their own f***ing property. If you ever wonder why VDare doesn’t have a comment section, read that thread.

This may not happen. The Leftist anti-zoning movement may fizzle out or be transformed into one which replaces dumb regulations with even dumber regulations. But what if they don’t? What if they trigger a “roaring twenties” in the urban core as housing suddenly becomes affordable again? And what if the Republican party becomes the party of artificial housing scarcity? Well, they can do it #WithoutMe. This is not due to any particular free-market views, I would welcome things like higher taxes on the rich. I just don’t want to give half my income to my landlord.

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