What’s With the Conservative Anti-Pron Campaign?

Recently there’s been a lot of activity among conservatives opposing pron graphics. This article is a typical example. Pron has been around for many years. Why now? I say it’s because feminism has been rising in influence over the past few years and the mainstream conservative movement is fulfilling its standard role in American society which is to take the anger which has arisen a result of that and redirect it somewhere else. Here’s some more explanations/rationalizations:

  1. It’s a way for boomers to alienate young men from the conservative movement. 2015 brought some youthful energy into the movement. Much of that has since departed once it became clear Trump was a dud, but some is still there and the oldsters don’t much like it.
  2. A way for mainstream conservatives to get their base to agree to internet censorship. In a time when many conservatives are calling on their leadership to do something about it, conservative leaders want to convince them censorship is a price they should be willing to pay to suppress pron. This will allow mainstream conservatives to suppress their opposition within the Right.

My own view on this is that if you have a house and you knock down the load-bearing walls, the whole thing’s going to come crashing down on you. Some want to keep parts of the house and discard the others, that doesn’t work very well and there’s no point in any case. Call it “tactical liberalism.”

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